ARTISTS: Stop Dropping Brushes Forever.
Find your brushes easily.
New! Easel Brush Clip
The Best Way for Artists to Manage their Brushes
Easel Brush Clip is Not Available in Stores

A Must for Every Artist

Attention Artists....

Do you spend valuable painting time searching for your favorite brushes?

Do you lay them down and then can't find them later?

When you're painting outdoors are you always knocking them off your trays and constantly having to bend down to pick them up?

Do brushes get in your paint because you don't have a place to easily store them?

Now your brushes can be in your view and easy to find with the new EASEL BRUSH CLIP....

Here's how it works.....

Simply clip it on to the side of your easel. Each Clip has two brush cups so you can hold several of your favorite brushes, keeping them within view and reach.

It's great for studio easels.... you can put one on each side.... to hold brushes or palette knives

And they are great for outdoor easels..... (and endorsed by PleinAir Magazine).

You can clip it on the side of your easel..... it works with most easels.... or clip it on to the side of your panel or a board underneath to keep it at eye level....

Or clip it on to your tripod or easel leg.

No matter where you use your Easel Brush Clip, your brushes will be easy to find and you'll never have to search for them again. No more brushes falling in your paint or the dirt. No more brushes getting bumped off of trays.

Some artists put their dirty brushes in one side and clean ones on the other....

Other artists put their brushes for cool colors in one side and warm colors in the other...

And the Easel Brush Clip even comes in handy at home or the office. Clip one on the side of your computer monitor to hold pens or scissors. Another for your reading glasses so they are always easy to find.

You'll want several easel brush clips.... a couple for your studio easel, a couple for your outdoor easel, and a couple for your home or office.

Easel Brush Clip is lightweight, easy to pack in your painting kit, and its non-reflective matte black surface keeps glare from blinding you while painting.

This Clip was invented by a painter who was frustrated with searching for his favorite brushes and watching valuable brushes fall to the ground getting covered with dirt.

Order your Easel Brush Clip today... and tell your friends....or better yet, get them a few as a gift. A must for every artist.

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